Airtel Free Internet Trick Opera

Airtel Free Internet Trick

Tired of trying useless Airtel 3G tricks ? But now Hackthisstuff present you Airtel Free Internet Trick Opera by which you can do browsing and unlimited downloading . This trick is based onOpera Mini Handler . Using This Trick You Can Now Make Your Opera Mini Handler WithDownloading Support. You Can Download Any Files With Opera Mini Handler . In case if your Airtel Sim is Blocked , you can unblocked by using this method . After that , just follow the Steps given below .This trick work on Android Mobiles .


Features of Airtel Free Internet Trick:

  • It also HTTPS Supported .
  • This Trick Also Download Resume Supported.
  • Very High Speed
  • Based On Opera Mini Handler

Requirements for Airtel Free Internet Trick Opera :

  • Airtel 3G Enabled Sim card.
  • Maintain main balance of Rs. 0
  • Data Pack Required .

How to Use Free Internet On Airtel 3G

For Mobile Users

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Network Connection
  • Then Click on Create New Connection/APN
  • There you’ll get many input options like Account Name, Access Point, Proxy, etc
  • Now fill these details :



PORT : 80

  • Now after filling all these details , Open Opera Mini Handler. In case if you don’t haveOpera Mini Handler, you can download it by clicking here .
  • Now open Opera Mini Handler and put Frontquery as given below :
  • Just choose any one of the above two mentioned.
  • Now , left blank all the fields . And click Save.
  • That’s It, All the Steps Has Been Completed.

Enjoy your free Airtel Free Internet Trick Opera . Please don’t share this trick on your blog or openly, You can share it with you real life friends and family, but don’t share it online, as this trick will not get blocked easily, until someone doesn’t share the trick openly online. Please comment here with your state name and the speed you are getting.  Please share with your friends by clicking on Facebook Twitter link below .